The essence of “magic” is transformation , beginning first in the imagination and ultimately manifesting in the outer world of our everyday life.   This is true regardless of the type of transformation.  Personal transformation works the same as group transformation.

We envision a different outcome, and then we move towards its realization. This is the magic of creating “something from nothing”; of beginning with a simple vision of a new possibility and then bringing it into material reality. Transformation is a given. It is an unavoidable and foundational aspect of nature itself. All matter in the universe is in a constant dance of continuous transformation.

We human beings are in the unique position of being able to deliberately and consciously (or mindlessly and unconsciously!) direct the specific nature of the transformation in our immediate and extended environment. We can choose what forms the transformations, both within us and around us, will take. These choices begin in our creative imagination.

If we don’t consciously and deliberately direct the images held within our minds, (which is how we program our subconscious minds for creative transformation) our creative energy will instead act upon whatever images we are holding by default. If we worry or complain or judge, those negative “thought-forms” become the “goals” that our subconscious mind acts upon, directing the transformations in our lives to create similar negative events, circumstances and outcomes.

This is the “dark magic” of the ego or fear-based false self. We can instead choose to take charge of our minds and direct them to positive, progressive, beneficent outcomes, through simple mental discipline. This is as true of an individual as it is of a group, a society, or of all of humankind as a whole. And as units within the whole of humanity, we each play a part and help to direct the transformations that we manifest collectively in each moment.

Whether or not we will create new transformations is not a question. Transformation is a fundamental law of nature. The only real question is what direction the transformations will take. And we, individually and collectively, choose that direction, for good or ill.

We are all “magicians of transformation”. We all have the ability, and the responsibility, to direct the transformations of our personal and collective worlds.

As an individual, what are you choosing to make the focus of your inner mental and emotional movie screen? Do you expend the majority of your time and energy focussed on terrorism, poverty, despair, and hopelessness? Or do you choose to deliberately envision a future of harmony, cooperation, and shared abundance? Where and how we focus our imagination determines what we are bringing into the world through the use of our innate magical creative abilities, both for ourselves and for the world as a whole.

Choosing a focus of hatred, prejudice, “otheration”, worry, negativity, frustration, anger, blame, finger-pointing, and complaining all create specific forms of transformations in our outer landscape, whether we realize it or not, and whether we want to admit it or not. We are all creating the world around us, in each and every moment.

Creating unconsciously through fear and anger is simply a form of abdicating responsibility through mental laziness. If we want to see a better world, we must discipline ourselves to see a better world, first in our imagination and in our belief in positive possibilities. This is how the magic of transformation works.

First we must envision the transformation we want. We then empower the vision with emotion and belief. Once it becomes crystal clear in our imagination, we begin automatically acting on its manifestation. Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. And we get to decide which ideas’ time has come through our imagination and our belief.

The entire world around us is the result of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Why not predict a better world, both for ourselves, and for everyone else as well. The choice is always ours to make. Will we make it? Will you?

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