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Mitch Williams - Demo Video

Mitch’s Demo Reel.

See the kinds of inspiring reactions you’ll get when you invite Mitch to present his programs at your events.

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The Magic of Inspiration - Keynote Program

This is Mitch’s signature keynote program, The Magic of Inspiration — on the process and the experience of inspiration itself.

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Mitch on Intuition

A magical mental segment that Mitch presented on the power of intuition during an appearance on the Peoria, IL NBC affiliate, WEEK-TV.

The hosts are blown away by Mitch’s intuitive mental magic.

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Mitch at 1 Million Cups

Mitch talks and answers questions about his inspirational speaking business for attendees at the Peoria 1 Million Cups gathering for startup entrepreneurs. (Full 29 minute talk included)

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Peoria Library Interview

An interview on Peoria Public Library’s program, Information Please. Mitch talks about his self-help book, A Call to Magic, and on using magic as a vehicle for inspiring people. Full interview: 28 minutes.

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Inspiring Books on TV

Mitch performs some mental magic — to the delight of the hosts — with some of his favorite inspirational books (including his own!) on the morning news program, 25 News Today.