A Call to Magic - Program

A Call to Magic

In this inspiring program based on content from his book by the same name, Mitch introduces his compelling “philosophy of magic”, with transformative insights gleaned from theatrical magic, mythology, and modern self-image psychology. Combining his captivating magic with insightful and inspiring ideas on how to bring more ‘real magic’ into our lives, Mitch weaves an engaging spell that presents a compelling model of success and fulfillment.

Key ‘Magic’ Topic Points:

  • Magical Moments — or what psychologist, Abraham Maslow, called “peak experiences”, and his discovery that all self-actualized people report having them. What they are, how to experience them, and how they can transform our lives.
  • Perception and Illusion — Mitch both demonstrates and explains how our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us are faulty, and that by accepting that fact, we can open our minds to vaster possibilities.
  • The Process of Magic — or creative accomplishment, is ‘magic’ because it allows us to create something from nothing and achieve what previously seemed impossible.

Mitch challenges your attendees to answer the “Call to Magic” to live a life of effectiveness, fulfillment, and peak performance. Can be presented as a keynote or as a longer, in-depth workshop format.

“Especially appealing was Mitch’s expertise in flowing from expert performer of magic to teacher of creativity, expression, and personal empowerment.”
     —Rev. Sonya Milton, Unity in Napa Valley, Napa, CA.

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A Call to Magic