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His content will inspire your guests with uplifting possibilities!…  His magic will inspire them with mind-blowing, astounding im-possibilities! Mitch Williams will inspire, inform, and delight your guests and make your event absolutely unforgettable!

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Magic of Inspiration
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Magically Inspiring Teamwork
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1 Million Cups Talk
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Mitch on Intuition

About Mitch:
More Than Just a Motivational Speaker/More Than Just an Entertainer

For as long as he can remember, Mitch Williams has been intrigued by all kinds of “magic”. As a child, he learned sleight of hand and other magic from books at the library, and he also was passionate about art and creative pursuits. In his teen years, through his involvement in Judo, Mitch became interested in peak performance and self-development. He was twice invited to train with the men’s Judo team at the US Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, where he experienced many “peak performers” first hand.

Beginning as a teenager, Mitch pursued a career as a professional magician, and eventually won several national and international performing awards, and he was invited to perform in Japan, in Europe, and throughout the United States and Canada. Throughout this time, Mitch’s interest in human potentials continued, and he became an avid student of cutting edge information on self-development, transformational psychology, creativity, and psycho-spirituality.

Hiring Mitch Puts You in Good Company

Clearly, you are highly motivated, detail oriented, organized, responsible and most of all, a skilled entertainer. You have more than met our expectations."

Wendy Braun
SHRM Southwest Chicago Suburbs Chapter

"Throughout my career, I have worked with many entertainers and guest presenters. There are few that stand out in my mind as exceptional. Thank you for being one of them. From start to finish, you made the arrangements easy. Feedback from our membership was excellent. Your message of self-improvement and leadership struck a chord with our Human Resources audience. Many commented afterwards on how they can link creativity and a new perspective to their daily duties. Clearly, you are highly motivated, detail oriented, organized, responsible and most of all, skilled entertainer. You have more than met our expectations."
Wendy Braun
Society of Human Resources, SW Chicago Suburbs

Make Your Events Unforgettably
Inspiring, Informative, and Yes,... Fun!!!

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Keynote Program

Mitch’s signature keynote presentation, The Magic of Inspiration, is a fun, informative program on the nature of inspiration itself. Mitch shows why the standard “hype” of so-called “motivation” simply won’t work in the long run, and why true inspiration will. Mitch shares the magic of how to become inspired in all areas of life, and how work, personal, and private aspects of life overlap and merge together. 


Learn more about Mitch’s philosophies on how magic blends together with self-development and inspiration in this in-depth interview with Ahavah Mauré from the underground TV show, Mics Uncut.

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For availability, pricing, and additional information, contact Mitch right away.

For media/interview inquiries:

"Your Professionalism greatly appreciated!..."

"We wanted to let you know how very much our employees enjoyed the 'magical' stress management sessions you presented. They greatly enjoyed your program, thought the information was useful, and would enjoy seeing more programs similar to this. Comments indicated that overwhelmingly they felt the relaxation exercise was enjoyable and beneficial. Too, they thought the magic was very entertaining. "When this project was in the formative stages, you came to us with great ideas of your own on stress management. As we fine-tuned the presentation to customize it to our employees, you were very open to our ideas and diligent with suggestions and making modifications to get the message to really suit our audiences. Your professionalism has been greatly appreciated. "It's really great when our employees can walk away entertained, impressed, and armed with good information and techniques to help deal with stress, a common problem in our fast-paced society. Well done and many thanks!"
Ruth Chambers
Drives, Inc.

"Thank you for a memorable event!..."

"Thank you for the great day we had learning how to 'Make Our Life a Magical Work of Art'. One of the difficulties of being a leader in today's fast paced environment is finding a way to inspire people in a way that is memorable and useful. Your day with us did just that. My objective was to get everybody out of the office and get them thinking about their active participation in both their professional and personal lives. You did a great job of bridging the two, and demonstrating how we create our own magical moments. We had fun, we learned about ourselves, and we learned about each other. Thank you again for the effort that went in to making this a memorable event."
Russell Gnant
President, Spectrum Digital Services, Inc.

"I highly recommend Mitch Williams!..."

"I highly recommend Mr. Mitch Williams as a presenter for your organization. Mitch presented for us for our opening day event for teachers and staff. He was a great opening for the school year. He had a strong message about inspiration and education. Mitch was very entertaining. He had an inspirational message for the entire staff. He used his skills as a magician to captivate the staff while he delivered his very appropriate message. Mr. Williams is a true professional. He was prepared and communicated often to make sure everything was ready on the day of the performance. He was able to adapt his message to our community and our staff. He used members from the audience to add to everyone’s enjoyment of the presentation. I have known Mitch for a few years now. He is a forward-thinking individual. He is a supportive and respected community member. He does a great job as a magician, performer, and motivational speaker. I highly recommend him."
Roy Webb
Superintendent, Canton Union School District

"We were delighted with your performance!..."

"We were delighted with your performance for our Customer Appreciation Night. Your magical talents created a memorable evening for our guests. We appreciated your professionalism throughout the process… Your assistance made our evening successful. As our clients left, the words 'stunning' and 'How did he do that?' were often remarked. We all consider ourselves lucky to witness your talents."
Jeffrey Alexander
Alexander Financial Services

"Thank you for a tremendous evening!..."

"You made our corporate Christmas party a perfect evening. I loved the way you incorporated our employees into your act. Without exception, our employees said… they loved your program. This evening was our time to say 'thank you' to our loyal employees. The gift of magic you provided helped us do that, better than we could have done on our own. Thank you for a tremendous evening!"
Craig A Dunn
CEO, Wesleyan Investment Foundation

"You had everyone on the edge of their seats!..."

"We just wanted to thank you for the fabulous entertainment for our Energy Department Spring Break. We truly enjoyed working with you, and any time we contacted you, your response was phenomenal. The interactive magic with our employees was amazing. You had everyone on the edge of their seats with excitement and in awe, your evening show was filled with encouraging and motivational words. It was wonderful to see the interaction from our employees; the reaction you got was priceless. It truly was a pleasure working with you!"
Jeff Manthei
Riverland FS, Inc.