My Favorite “Magicians”

Here’s my latest appearance on 25 News Today sharing the inspiration of some of my favorite magicians…

Some Inspiration with Garry Moore

Garry Moore, the news anchor for 25 News Today on WEEK-TV, is retiring after 30 years.  Here’s my magical tribute to his inspiration.

Sharing My Inspiration Today

Magic of Inspiration

This is good timing, since I’ve been focused on my Magic of Inspiration program.  I’m featured as the Luminary today at Each day, they choose one person to be the “inspiration of the day”.  I’m honored to be in good company with @RichardBranson, @Cirque, @SethGodin and many others.  Please check it out & share […]

Olympic Inspiration and Peak Performance

Olympic Inspiration

As always, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the Olympic athletes achieve feats of seemingly impossible levels of mastery and peak performance over the past weeks. I’m consistently inspired by their unwavering quest to realize their potential at levels far beyond the norm. These highly disciplined individuals serve as a powerful reminder of what’s possible for those […]

Tai Chi Article Feature

Tai Chi Article

Did you know I lead a Tai Chi class here in Canton, IL? I just learned that I’ve been featured in an article on “All You Need to Know About Tai Chi”. It’s on the website BookMartialArts. They quote some of my thoughts on how Tai Chi has benefited me, including inspiration and creative breakthrough’s. […]

What I Learned from the Holidays

Over the past few years, I’ve experienced conflict over how to celebrate the Holidays. I’ve been concerned with the rampant materialism and the need to not contribute to it in any way. This has included my feelings for both the often gaudy and extravagant decorations, as well as the expectations of giving people gifts, often […]