A Call to Magic

Mitch’s New Book:
A Call to Magic

Learn how to bring some real “magic” into your life and create more inspiration, fulfillment, and wonder in everything you do. In the world of self-help and personal transformation, “magic” has become a wildly popular term. Best selling authors such as Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra and such popular books as The Secret, The Magic of Thinking Big, and The Magic of Believing have all used magic as major themes for self-transformation.

In this book you’ll get a fresh perspective on bringing real magic into your life–from a real life magician– Mitch Williams!

Now available in both:

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Magical Mind
Audio CD

An audio CD featuring a powerful technique which combines deep relaxation with mental visualization skills to relieve stress and develop creativity, balance, and life changing abilities in mind/ body awareness.

You’ll Learn How to: