Choosing Peace

We all have a responsibility to experience peace on an increasingly regular basis.  Emotional turmoil, especially that which is rooted in destructive feelings such as fear, anxiety, anger, or hatred, is at the basis of all conflict in the world.  These negative emotional and psychological tendencies color our perspective on the world in dark ways:  […]

The Magic of Our Potential

I had some fun earlier this morning on 25 News Today with Garry Moore and Gina Morss and a demonstration of our untapped magical potential.

A Story of Inspiration on TV

Here I am sharing a story of inspiration with Garry Moore and Gina Morss from WEEK-TV’s 25 News Today, from earlier this morning.

Magical Thoughts

Here’s a fun interview on WEEK-TV from some time back where I do some mental magic with my book, A Call to Magic.

Tragedy and Gratitude

Tragedy and Gratitude

Yesterday evening around 5:45 PM, we heard a loud boom, and the house shook as though something large had hit it.  As many of you will have heard, it was actually a huge gas-line explosion just off the downtown square here in Canton, which is just over a half mile from where we live.  One […]

Love Trumps Hate

Love Trumps Hate

As was reported in the Huntington Post, on July 31, following the murder of a Catholic priest by two French teens claiming allegiance to ISIS, Muslims throughout France and Italy attended Catholic Mass in a powerful display of unity.  Outside the church where the priest was killed, Muslims held a banner saying, “Love for all. […]

Olympic Inspiration and Peak Performance

Olympic Inspiration

As always, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the Olympic athletes achieve feats of seemingly impossible levels of mastery and peak performance over the past weeks. I’m consistently inspired by their unwavering quest to realize their potential at levels far beyond the norm. These highly disciplined individuals serve as a powerful reminder of what’s possible for those […]

The Creative Philosophy of Aikido

Aikido: the Way of Harmonious Spirit

I just came across a video on the martial art form Aikido by Richard Moon.  While it’s on Aikido, it’s really on much more:  a philosophy of life and how to be in the world–in business, in relationships, and in personal development.  His philosophies closely reflect my own and the themes I emphasize in my […]

Guilt: an Irrational Choice

Guilt-an Irrational Choice

Guilt is an irrational reaction to circumstances and to our responses and actions in relation to those circumstances.  When we “fall short” and act in ways that are destructive or that have harmful or painful results, what is that?  Isn’t it simply acting in a way that is not in complete accord with the reality […]

Tai Chi Article Feature

Tai Chi Article

Did you know I lead a Tai Chi class here in Canton, IL? I just learned that I’ve been featured in an article on “All You Need to Know About Tai Chi”. It’s on the website BookMartialArts. They quote some of my thoughts on how Tai Chi has benefited me, including inspiration and creative breakthrough’s. […]