Learn the Secrets of “Real Magic”…  From a Real Life Magician…
This Guest Provides Listeners with a Way to
Bring “Real Magic” Into Their Lives for More
Success, Fulfillment, and Happiness

INTERNATIONAL award winning magician, inspirational speaker, and author of the book, A Call to Magic – the Artful Science of Transforming Self and World, Mitch Williams is a fascinating, entertaining personality with a captivating, uplifting message your listeners will absolutely love.

YOUR LISTENERS, like most of us, are no doubt overwhelmed with the frustrations, stress overload, and disappointments of life in our modern, dog-eat-dog world.  So often our “pursuit of happiness” has devolved into an ever-increasing struggle to merely maintain our sanity.

MITCH WILLIAMS offers practical solutions to help listeners completely reframe their lives and experience more happiness, fulfillment, and peace of mind.  Sharing tips and principles from his book and from his inspirational talks, Williams shows listeners how to bring some real “magic” into their lives on a variety of levels and to “magically” transform their own lives and the lives of those around them.

SOME OF THE INTRIGUING TOPICS Mitch can share with your listeners include:

Mitch Williams is an international award winning magician, an inspirational speaker, and an authority on creativity, personal transformation, and peak performance.  As an entertainer, he has performed for audiences throughout the US and Canada, in Japan, and in Europe.  For over thirty-five years, he has been an avid student of human development, transformational psychology, future studies, and psycho-spirituality.  As a speaker, Mitch has presented seminars and workshops, combining his astounding magic with uplifting and thought provoking messages on the “real magic” within and around us, for corporations, service organizations, and other groups throughout the country, to rave reviews.  A true modern Reinnassance man, he is an accomplished artist, musician, poet, author, athlete, gardener, gourmet cook, woodworker, and a martial artist with a fourth degree black belt in Judo.

Mitch’s book, A Call to Magic – the Artful Science of Transforming Self and World, is now available in both paperback and Kindle editions.  Media review copy available upon request.

PRODUCERS:  Mitch is OK with last minute interviews!
(He can also perform magic on the program—yes, magic on the radio!!)

CONTACT: Mitch Williams, Phone:  309-647-3692
Email:  mitch@mitchwilliamsmagic.com
Website:  www.mitchinspires.com

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