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How to Make Your Next Event So Absolutely Unforgettable
That Your Guests Will Rave About It For Years to Come…
With One-of-a-Kind,… Mind Bending,…
Hilarious,… Heart Warming,… Awe Inspiring
World Class Speaking or Entertainment Programs…

(Not to Mention Outstanding Customer Service)…
All at Surprisingly Affordable Midwestern Prices!


July 15, 2020


Dear Friend,

Thanks for requesting information on my magic-themed entertainment and inspirational speaking programs. The fact that you did tells me you’re serious about finding GREAT VALUE for your programming dollar. That’s what I’m offering…. And a whole lot more!

Turn it around! The process of planning a meeting, conference, banquet, party, or other event shouldn’t be a hassle. It should be a positive experience. Just like the event itself. But how often is that the case? Why not turn all that around… plan a great event, find great values, and enjoy the planning process too?

A Unique Challenge…

Planning a meeting or other event that fills the needs of all your guests can be a daunting task. And finding a speaker, workshop presenter, or entertainer you can trust to leave a positive, lasting impression can often be the “make-it-or-break-it” factor of a successful event. It’s frequently the main ingredient that ensures your guests leave with that “Wow, what a GREAT experience!” sort of feeling.

But how do you know if a presenter is good? How can you be sure he’ll relate to your guests and they’ll relate to him? How can you be sure the person you hire won’t inadvertently offend some of your guests in some way? And just as importantly, how do you know he’s dependable, professional, and ready and able to fill your special needs? In a moment, I’ll show you how to be certain you’re making the right choice about your program….

But why should you listen to me?…

I Have the Experience to Give You and Your Guests the Utmost in Professionalism and Unique, Unforgettable Programs.

  • Full time professional with over twenty years of experience.
  • International Performer and Speaker with credits in Japan, Canada, Europe, and all across the U.S.
  • A skilled teacher in a variety of areas, and an authority on self improvement, creativity, and “brain skills” such as memory techniques. A published author of the book, A Call to Magic—the Artful Science of Transforming Self and World, on self-development and personal transformation.
  • An international award winning magician, specializing in customized programs that combine invaluable information with fun presentations that keep audiences on the edge of their seats.
  • Resided in Los Angeles for ten years, one of the world’s toughest entertainment markets, and became recognized as one of the top magicians in Southern California.

My extensive experience of successfully creating and presenting memorable and fun programs for people from literally every walk of life allows me to say with complete confidence that I can give your guests an experience they’ll not only enjoy, but will talk about and remember.

In a moment I’ll explain how we can work together to make your event so special your guests will go out of their way to enthusiastically thank you for the wonderful experience they had. But don’t take my word for it. Look at what some of my satisfied customers have to say about my programs…

“Our Guests Were in Awe…”
“Thank you for the great performance at our Annual Dinner.  Our guests were in awe of the program.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and, not surprisingly, I have received many positive comments.  Our guests also appreciated the fact that in addition to your magic, you offered an inspiring message on imagination and creativity.  The performance was a refreshing change from the standard motivational speaker.”

—Angela McElwee, Executive Director, Monmouth Area Chamber of Commerce.

“Kept Us Laughing and in Awe…”
“He was great at involving those attending.  He kept the spectators laughing and in awe…  All present had a great time.  If you are looking for entertainment at a group meeting, I would highly recommend Mitch.”

—Vicki Miles, Illinois Association of Housing Authorities.

“By Far the Highlight of the Meeting…”
“Everyone enjoyed your show as was reflected by the many comments and survey results in which your show was by far the highlight of the meeting.  The show was great and your integration of a motivational presentation is a great touch!”

—Katie Lumberry, RLI Corporation.

“Expertly Incorporates Magic With the Topic…”
“The unique thing about Mitch is that he very expertly and intelligently incorporates his magic with the presentation topic — and he works with you to ensure that he’s meeting your needs.  Mitch designed ‘The Magic of Self-Esteem’ as a new workshop based on my request for this topic.  He did a great job, and the evaluations were very positive.”

—Cindy Byrd, Illinois Central College..

“Entertained, Impressed, and Informed…”
“We wanted to let you know how very much our employees enjoyed the ‘magical’ stress management sessions you presented. When this project was in the formative stages, you came to us with great ideas of your own on stress management. Your professionalism has been greatly appreciated.  It’s really great when our employees can walk away entertained, impressed, and armed with good information and techniques to help deal with stress, a common problem in our fast-paced society.  Well done and many thanks!”

—Ruth A. Chambers, Human Resource Manager, Drives, Inc.

“An Absolute Hit…”
“Thanks very much for supplying our entertainment.  You were an absolute hit and life of the party!  Our client was very impressed, as was my boss (always a good thing).  It’s been a pleasure working with you, and we’ll keep you in mind for future events.”

—Heather Ludlum, Great Lakes Advisors, Inc.

“A Memorable Event…”
“Thank you for the great day we had learning how to ‘Make Our Life a Magical Work of Art’.  One of the difficulties of being a leader in today’s fast paced environment is finding a way to inspire people in a way that is memorable and useful.  Your day with us did just that. We had fun, we learned about ourselves, and we learned about each other.  Thank you again for the effort that went in to making this a memorable event.”

—Russell Gnant, President, Spectrum Digital Services, Inc.

“More Than Met Our Expectations…”
“Throughout my career, I have worked with many entertainers and guest presenters.  There are few that stand out in my mind as exceptional.  Thank you for being one of them.  From start to finish, you made the arrangements easy.  Feedback from our membership was excellent.  Your message of self-improvement and leadership struck a chord with our Human Resources audience.  Many commented afterwards on how they can link creativity and a new perspective to their daily duties.  Clearly, you are highly motivated, detail oriented, organized, responsible and most of all, skilled entertainer.  You have more than met our expectations.”

—Wendy Braun, Society of Human Resource Management Southwest Chicago Suburbs

“Warmed the Hearts and Souls of Our Guests…”
“Recently we had the special privilege of a Mitch Williams performance.  Not only were we amazed by your magical sleight of hand, but your inspirational commentary warmed the hearts and souls of our guests.  Your audience participation before dinner and during your performance was intriguing and amusing.  Thank you for the pleasure of working with you, we hope to experience your performance again in the future.”

—Jeanette Clark, Rural Electric Convenience Cooperative Co.

“Awesome Job…”
“I would like to thank you once again for the awesome job you did at our annual dinner last week. I know that even the skeptics were in awe. I noticed that everyone’s eyes were glued on your performance. I don’t remember a speaker in the past that half the room didn’t leave before the performance was done. I loved the audience participation, and the couple that helped you out that night had only great things to say about the evening.  Thanks again for being such a great entertainer and such a professional.”

—Suellyn Ortman, Transportation Club of Peoria.

“Fabulous and Amazing…”
“We just wanted to thank you for the fabulous entertainment for our Energy Department Spring Break at the Spirit of Peoria.  We truly enjoyed working with you and assisting us, and at any time that we contacted you, your response in getting back in touch with us was phenomenal.  The interactive magic with our employees was amazing.  You had everyone on the edge of their seats with excitement and in awe with your magic.  That being said, your evening show was filled with encouraging and motivational words.  It was wonderful to see the interaction from our employees up on stage with you and the reaction that you got from them and the audience was priceless.  It was a great evening for everyone.  It truly was a pleasure working with you, and I would recommend Mitch Williams Magic Productions to everyone!”

—Jeff Manthei, Riverland FS, Inc., Galesburg, IL.

“An Outstanding Performance…”
“Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Not just from me, but from everyone in attendance at our party.  We are still talking about Mitch:  ‘Did you see that?  How did he do that?  I was watching his every move—it can’t be done.’  These are just some of the comments.  You had us all scratching our heads.  Your easy going narrative and style makes everyone feel comfortable and adds to your professionalism.  From every standpoint it was an outstanding performance.  I have no reservations in recommending you for a program for any occasion.”

—K.G. Klinck, Galesburg Lincoln-Mercury-Nissan.

In my office, I have a file of these and many other letters and comments from past clients.  You can bet they wouldn’t speak so highly of my programs if they weren’t truly impressed with the service I offer them.

Put an End to Your Worries…

There’s so much that goes into planning a successful event.  A ton of details are crying out for your attention.  You shouldn’t have to waste precious time and energy worrying about whether the entertainment will live up to expectations.  Not when you can be sure!  Now you can, and here’s how…



1. My Programs Provide a Completely Unique Touch That Makes Your Event Extra Special.

Few people have seen the type of programs that I provide, especially in this part of the country.  As an entertainer, I’ve designed magic programs that are so amazing, entertaining, and unique that they stand out in the memories of audiences for a long, long time.  This is far from the stereotypical, “rabbit-in-the-hat” style of trickery.  It’s a dynamic display of truly mind boggling feats that will keep your guests in wonder, in laughter, and wanting more.

But I don’t stop there.  Interwoven throughout my magic are thought provoking and inspiring ideas about the crucial role that imagination and wonder play in life.  My programs have been described by others as amazing, exciting, inspiring, uplifting, and incredible.  Recently an audience member came up to me after my program and said, “You made me laugh, and you made me cry!”

Your guests will not only laugh and be amazed, they’ll also be pleasantly surprised and exhilarated with the uplifting themes of my programs… magic that serves as a fun, light-hearted reminder of the magic and wonder in our everyday lives.  It’s “feel-good” edu-tainment at its very best….  Something we all need in these uncertain times.

I specialize in creating customized speaking, training, or entertainment programs designed specifically to meet your unique needs.  My expert magic is seamlessly integrated into the presentation, making the program entertaining, and helping drive home main topic points.

2. You Want Your Guests Treated with Respect and Courtesy— SO DO I!

We’ve all seen entertainers who embarrass members of the audience with off color language, by insulting them with “clever put downs”, or by making volunteers on stage feel uncomfortable somehow.  I feel so strongly about this that I decided years ago I would never let it happen in any of my shows.  It’s simply bad manners to do otherwise.  I think this should go without saying, but unfortunately, it often does not.

I never use off color or suggestive language in my programs, and I take pride in putting people at ease and treating them with the respect, politeness, and courtesy that I would a guest in my own home.  That’s how important your guests are to me.

3. Whether Your Event is Large or Small, I Have a Program That Will Leave a Lasting Impression on Your Guests!

I’ve performed successfully for groups as small as five or six and as large as two thousand.  I relate equally well to groups of all sizes and can gear my programs to a wide range of situations and events.  I can even custom design programs to fit a special theme or any other special needs you may have.

4. I Make the Planning Process Easy and Worry Free.

  • I make the initial booking process simple and straight forward.
  • I’ll call you a few days before the event to go over last minute details and so you know everything’s on schedule.
  • I plan my schedule so that I can arrive early at your event—no more wondering, “Where’s the speaker?”

How Much is it Worth to Have the
Peace of Mind of Knowing Your Guests
Will Leave Your Event Enthused About Their Experience?

As a featured speaker, I’ve successfully presented my programs at venues throughout the United States.  As an entertainer, I’ve been hired again and again to work side by side with some of the top performers from both the east and west coasts, as well as from other parts of the world.  (Some of the celebrities I’ve worked on the same bill with include Doug Henning, Penn & Teller, Lance Burton, Elaine Booslier, Rosie O’Donnell, Marty Allen, Jeff Dunham, and Dennis Miller.)

If you were to bring in top flight speakers or entertainers from New York, Los Angeles, or elsewhere, it could easily end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars for any one of them.  Since I’m based here in the midwest, I’m able to offer you first class speaking or entertainment programs for MUCH LESS….


Entertainment Programs:

If you simply want a fun program to lighten up and enliven a meeting, conference, banquet, party, or other event, one of my magic entertainment programs may be just the ticket.  I provide an engaging magic show filled with entertaining surprises that will amaze, amuse, and inspire.

I combine my incredible, award winning sleight of hand magic, mind reading, highly visual magic effects, as well as audience participation, music, and lots of fun interactions with the audience.

My Standard Entertainment Programs:

Strolling Close Up Magic:
People love seeing magic, and especially when it’s right up close.  Strolling Close Up Magic consists of sleight of hand magic done in short, personal interactions for individuals or small groups of individuals while they’re seated or standing.

Your guests will be amazed and delighted as cards, coins, and other objects come alive in Mitch’s hands and in their hands too!  This works literally anywhere there are people, with no special stage or setup required.  Mitch simply strolls amongst your guests, amazing them with intimate displays of his unforgettable magic. Perfect for parties, hospitality suites, festivals, trade shows, or other events where people “mingle” with one another.

Close Up Magic Show:
For small groups, Mitch can also provide an entire, intimate Close Up Magic Show, of the same type of “right up close” sleight of hand magic, but in a complete theatrical show format, for you and all your guests to enjoy together at the same time. This is an experience of personalized, intimate magic theater, so close, so unique, interactive, and spontaneous, it becomes a private session with an international award-winning expert in the field of sleight of hand magic.

You and your guests will become immersed in a truly magical experience unlike anything you’ve witnessed before. It’s an interactive, customized private performance, an experience of wonder you will actually take part in creating right along with Mitch. Audience and performance blend together in a co-creative collaboration of mystery, wonder, and sheer unadulterated fun!

Stand Up or Stage Show:
If you’re looking for a more formal show, for “after dinner”, a fun break in a meeting, or as a feature event, Mitch’s Stand Up or Stage Programs are for you!  Whether it’s his basic Stand Up program, his Deluxe Stage Show, or a complete full One-Man Theatre Show, each is filled with entertaining surprises that will amaze, amuse, and inspire.

The Stand Up or Stage Shows feature Mitch’s incredible, award winning sleight of hand magic on a slightly larger scale, highly visual magic effects, direct audience participation that makes them feel truly special, select pieces expertly choreographed to dynamic music which seems to start and stop as if by… magic, and lots of fun interactions with the audience.

The program can be customized for length, with personalized features and themes, or with more theatrical elements.  Guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your guests!

Combination & Customized Programs:
Mitch’s specialty is designing custom packages created specifically to fill your unique needs. For example, he can offer special combination packages which incorporate more than one of his programs together in one money saving package.  If you need multiple shows for the same event or a series of events, Mitch can accommodate you with special pricing as well.

Inspirational Speaking Programs:

Each of my inspirational or educational speaking programs combines an upbeat and informative talk on a specific subject along with fun magic, mind reading, audience participation, and/or other engaging, interactive exercises used to illustrate and reinforce main topic points, and geared to keep your guests involved and immersed in the valuable subject matter.

I can custom design a special program created specifically to meet your unique needs, using one of my standard topics or a topic of your choice.  Innovative use of my varied skills and background ensures your program will help you meet a variety of training and educational objectives.

• I can use my background in creativity to help your staff learn to find innovative solutions to problems.
• I can expand on memory techniques to help sales associates remember their clients’ names and faces.
• Or I can do special “teach-in” sessions and teach sales people fun magic tricks that they can use as “ice-breakers” in business situations.

Whether you need a one-time program, an in depth seminar, or a series of programs, I can put together a custom package just for you, designed completely around the specific needs of your leadership team, sales staff, association members, or other event attendees.  In many cases, I can also provide follow up materials, or other information products to help your guests get the most lasting benefits from my program.

Some of My Most Popular Topics:

The Magic of Inspiration
If you’ve ever tried getting your staff “motivated”, you’ll know it doesn’t last. In this inspiring program on the nature of inspiration itself, Mitch shows why the standard “hype” of so-called “motivation” simply won’t work in the long run, and why true inspiration will.  Mitch shares the magic of how to become inspired in all areas of life, and how work, personal, and private aspects of life overlap and merge together. Bringing the magic of inspiration into ALL areas of life makes us more productive, fulfilled, purposeful, and even more healthy!

A Call to Magic
In this inspiring talk based on content from his book by the same name, Mitch introduces his compelling “philosophy of magic”, with transformative insights gleaned from theatrical magic, mythology, and modern psychology. Mitch also introduces the principle of “magical moments”, or what psychologist, Abraham Maslow, called “peak experiences”, and his discovery that all self-actualized people report having them.  What they are, how to experience them, and how they can transform our lives.

The Art & Magic of Creativity
Mitch shows how to bring some ‘real magic’ into your life by using the creative magic of the artistic process to achieve goals and address everyday business and personal challenges. His main theme is the power of imagination: how it’s the magical key that sets everything in our lives in motion–for good or ill–and by learning to use our creative imagination deliberately, we can achieve far more in life.

Customized Programs
One of Mitch’s specialties is creating customized programs designed specifically to meet your unique programming needs.  He expertly and seamlessly blends his captivating magic with the presentation topics, making them come alive and persist in attendees’ memories in enduring ways. Two of Mitch’s more popular programs, Stress Relief Magic (with potent tips on stress management) and The Magic of Self-Esteem (on the power of self-image psychology) were both originally created in response to requests from clients on those topics.

How to Learn More About Specific Programs, Pricing, And Availability for Your Event:

Call Now to Request Your Absolutely Free, No-Obligation Proposal with Customized Package Options designed specifically to meet the unique needs and requirements of your event.

CALL NOW: 309-647-3692

Our phone call will be a short “question and answer” conversation for me to learn more about your situation and the unique needs of your event.  Are you open to that?  If so, give me a call right away:  309-647-3692, and I’ll put together your customized proposal with a variety of package options designed for your event.



I Offer a Personal Money Back Guarantee!

    That’s right, a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!  If you can look me in the eye and honestly say that my magic program didn’t amaze and entertain your guests, it’s on me!  What other entertainer will do that!?!

    Yes, I said free!  Upon request, I can provide you with the following free resources to assist in planning your event:

Free Event Planning Guide Booklet:
This is a detailed booklet that reveals practical, essential information on all aspects of planning your next event, from scheduling events, choosing the best location, to working successfully with caterers, entertainers, and other service professionals.  It also contains handy checklists that will help you stay on track throughout your planning process.

Promotional Resources:
If you need help promoting my appearance at your event, I can assist by supplying camera ready artwork for flyers, ads, or other promo pieces.  I can provide professional press releases to send to the local media, formatted in the form that gets the best response.  Schedule permitting, I can also be available for phone interviews for radio or other media.


Since I’m the most experienced and accomplished magical speaker and entertainer in the Central Illinois area where I’m based, my services are in higher demand than many other performers.  As a result, dates often fill up well ahead of time.  To ensure that you get the date you want, I urge you to CALL ME TODAY for your free “no-obligation” customized proposal at 309-647-3692!

Or you can request your proposal immediately by completing the ONLINE PROPOSAL INFORMATION FORM.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours truly,

Mitch Williams

P.S. As a special “thank you” for requesting information, here’s a link to a special FREE E-BOOK on successfully planning entertainment for any event.   I hope you find it useful in your planning.

P.S. #2:  Dates do tend to fill up early.  In fact, not long ago I had to turn down four events for the same date that I’d already had booked for several months.  They were all disappointed to not get me for their events.  DON’T LET THIS BE YOU!  Make sure you call today.

P.S. #3:  More questions?  Check out the “Q & A” section below…


Q:  “Isn’t magic just for kids?”

A:  This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions I encounter here in the Midwest.  (When I lived in LA, adults were much more familiar with magic as a more sophisticated form of entertainment.)  While I do in fact have programs that are terrific for children, I’ve built much of my reputation in venues that are more “adult-oriented”, such as Vegas style revue shows, cruise ships, corporate entertainment, and the world famous, “adults only” Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Q:  “Why are you more expensive than some other entertainers?”

A:  I can charge the prices I do because I deliver an excellent service based on my high degree of talent and years of diverse experience as a professional performer.  And I believe I’m worth every penny, and that the value of my programs far outweighs the cost of your investment in them.  That’s why I’m willing to offer you a money back guarantee.

I’m convinced that you’re looking for the best value for your event, and the best value isn’t necessarily the lowest price. If you were buying a new car, you wouldn’t hesitate to spend a little bit more, if you’d end up with a car that’s dependable and that looks good inside and out.  If you’re a wise shopper in other areas, why should hiring entertainment be any different?

Most of my customers feel strongly that it’s worth paying a little more to be certain that their guests have a great time, feel at ease, aren’t embarrassed, and have positive, long lasting memories of the event.

Q:  “We had a magician before and weren’t satisfied with the program.”  

A:  I can certainly understand being gun shy if you’ve had a negative experience in the past….  That’s one reason that I offer the following assurances:  references from my clients, a free demonstration (upon request), and a money back guarantee.

If you bought a cd by a new music artist, and decided you didn’t like it, you probably wouldn’t stop listening to music or think that all musicians were bad.  You’d simply buy someone else’s music!

Keep in mind that most other magicians don’t have my international experience, unique original magic, upbeat approach, nor do they handle the business and booking with as much professionalism, (making your job easier.)

Q:  “We’re having a DJ or live music.  Why do we need you?”  

A:  Music is a great choice, but what I do is very unique.  People can hear music anytime, but they almost never get to see the type of amazing, entertaining magic that I do.  My programs turn an ordinary function into a one-of-a-kind, unforgettable event!  You’ll leave your guests with delightful memories they’ll treasure for quite some time.

And I can actually enhance other activities such as music.  I work with the flow of your other activities to create a rich, well-rounded experience at your function.  My magic is unique, interactive, and can even encourage conversation and social interactions between your guests.

Request Your Absolutely Free, No-Obligation Proposal Now